Summery: Pareni is a small quaint human town with a cute little fence and adorable little dirt farmers. A lot of its trade is based on animals and beasts

Country/Region: The Hume Balkins

City Size: Small Town

Population: 1,947

GP Limit: 800

Ready Cash: 77,600

Alignment: Neutral Good

Racial Demographic: Isolated

Graphical Description: Pareni is surrounded by forests and small farms in between the trees on 3 sides. it is very rural. on the 4th side there is a swampy waterfront with modest docks. There is only one road leading out that leads to a larger sister city.

Architecture Description: The buildings are made of thatch and brick. all of the buildings are lower then usual because they are a few feet into the ground. large portions of buildings are more like open shelters for animals.

Leader The city is technically ruled by a larger nearby city. however the larger city does not really care what happens in Pareni so they have there own little mayor and make there own rules.

Political System: Elections can be held at anytime some one feels like challenging the current mayors position. Because of this usually once a mayor is finally decided on after weeks of daily elections, that mayor stays mayor for years.

It is legal to kill one specific breed of cat, all other animals appreciate higher then usual rights.

Religion: The city has a temple to Elhonna with an aside universal chapel for any other worshipers.

Notable Organizations: Pet Lovers Club

Highest Militant Authority: Sheriff: Fighter lvl-3
Guards: 19; Militia: 97

Highest Level NPC of each Class:
Barbarian: 1 level-3; 2 level-1;
Bard: 1 level-4; 2 level-2; 4 level-1;
Cleric: 1 level-2; 2 level-1;
Druid: 1 level-1;
Fighter: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Monk: 1 level-3; 2 level-1;
Paladin: 1 level-3; 2 level-1;
Ranger: 1 level-2; 2 level-1;
Rogue: 1 level-1;
Sorcerer: 1 level-1;
Wizard: 1 level-2; 2 level-1;
Adept: 79 level-1;
Expert: 1 level-4; 2 level-2; 4 level-1;
Noble: 1 level-2; 79 level-1;
Warrior: 1 level-3; 8 level-1;
Commoner: 1 level-14; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 1,730 level-1;

Notable People:
Alyssa citizen and president of pet lovers club
Pasanj grew up here

(link maps of city here and DMs will smile)

Fun Facts
Due to some crazy cat lover there is a unique breed of cat in Pareni that will swarm. they have gone beyond nuisance and are now hunted with vigor. upon entering the city you are given a cat hunting card. kill 50 and you get a prize.

Pareni is covered in ancient kuo toan artifacts, because the kuotoans used to live here. there are allusions to a temple on an island that has magical connections to Pareni.

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