Thoughts for Character Creation:

  • The Basics: race, religion, origin, appearance, and class
  • What motivates your character? What is your character passionate about? Passion in this instance is not a status such as wanting to be a Ruler, but rather what drives them to be a Ruler? Ex. Wanting to become a Ruler to make a better life for all of the peasants who have been under a Tyrant. Think of a state of being.
  • What flaws does your character have? This is difficult since we are typically focused on the strengths of our characters. But the depth and uniqueness that comes with a flaw or a couple of them makes the character so much more interesting for everyone.
  • What virtues and vices does your character have. Sometimes a virtue can be a vice and a vice can be a virtue. Ex. Telling the truth is great, but admitting you killed the king in court isn't the best option. Like wise, compulsive stealing is not great, but you happened to steal the key to the treasure room of the palace.
  • Also keep in mind that in-game events may occur that may push your character towards a direction that you did not want. So keep an open mind and make decisions that your character would make not that you, the player, would want. This may require you to be less of a power gamer, so keep that for the tournaments and sparring matches.
  • Back-stories are nice but keep them simple. The more you have fleshed out in the back story the less responsive to change your character becomes. This static state leaves no room for character growth. There is less of a chance for character growth with a veteran swordsmen who has gone to hell and back slaying demon and the like versus a greenhorn swordsman with only a few months of militia training under his belt.
  • Less is more. From a GM standpoint you cannot give a character an opportunity to grow or change if they have their entire life story written out.
  • RPGs are about sharing the experience, this goes for both Players and GMs. Ownership of story and characters are equal to everyone playing. So if the players go the opposite direction, don't force them back on the path. If the GM throws the character into an awkward character development, be open doing things out of your comfort zone.


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