Pathfinder Society

Welcome to the Pathfinder Society

Characters: Basically put everyone is to make a level 3 character using Pathfinder Society Rules (exceptions here). Your character has joined the Pathfinders for whatever reason. Your characters are assigned to go on missions on behalf of the Pathfinders. The neat thing about this is people who want to keep their characters for a long time can and go on many different adventures, and those who like to switch it up can once the mission is completed. Think of it like a Party system, we can swap in members as the mission see fit. So people playing Ranger and Druid aren't totally gimped when we randomly swap environments and enemy types. This also allows Paladins be able to party with some questionable folks if they see the mission as a whole to be justified.

Pathfinder Society Shop: In terms of item power. We can't break the curve or else we stomp on everything. So loot found on missions are on the character that went on the mission unless sold to the Society. If sold to the Society, other characters can purchase any item in the Society Shop by paying full price for the item. Characters who die on missions have their items given to the Society Shop, unless of course the other PCs take items beforehand.

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