Pet Lovers Club

Summery: The Pet Lovers Club is a group whose goal is to pair everyone up with there dream pet no matter how obscure it is. they want every pet to have a loving home.

Cities, Base City: Pareni

Entry Requirements: To join a player needs to pay 75GP for 6 months. they are also required to have at least 5 ranks in handle animal.

Benefits: A player with a membership is given access to more uncommon animals that have already been trained to have as pets. They get a 10% to 50% discount depending on the rarity of the animal. A member also receives a monthly newsletter called "companion of the month" This gives you information about a pet that is 50% off no matter how rare it is.

Combat: The group is a peace fun loving collection of people. that being said they do like when people go out and "rescue" pets to be trained. This somtimes requires some skill in combat.

Advancement: To become a member one has to travel to the city of Pareni and have a personal interview with the leader to see if they are the right kind of person to be taking care of a pet.

Rescue - members get paid for capturing beasts and bringing them to a representative.
Foster care - members can take care of and train an animal for a month out of there own good will. If this is done multiple times they are rewarded.

Responsibilities: While there are no responsibilities for being a member it is strongly recommended that they do try to rescue any animals they come by.

Structure: The club has a president named Alyssa. there are also club representatives in large cites and higher.

NPC Reaction: Mention this club to the passerby and they will probably reply agreeably about how there niece got the most well behaved pet from there a while back. Talk to any citizen from Pareni however and people will respond with a face palm and walking away.

DC 5 - they are like a petshop network
DC 10 - The club is run by a woman from Pareni, they will take in and train animals. they will sell animals for a decent price.
DC 15 - some of the members have really obscure definitions of pets…
DC 25 - there is an underground market connected to the club for things that are not necessarily safe or even sold.

Encounters: In Pareni a player can meet the leader who is an animal enthusiast.
ask for to see a representative in a large city or higher at DC 10 gather information check and get directed to an animal center.

Other Game Elements: nothing as of yet.

Notable people:
Alyssa club president
Mirajane connection to black market

Pet of the month Record

September: dire ape

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