Population Control

Population Control
Rank: C (EL 9)
Recently the number of Dire Lions has been on the rise. We are seeking adventurers to bring down the population. Note that Ankhegs also live in this area. Please be careful not to slay them.
- Monster Control Agency of NeoAthens
Reward: 1600 per dire lion head, a 900 gp fine for each ankheg killed

NPC's, Interaction:
None, neoathen's clan assistance will verify the kills

roll 2d4 to determine the number of monsters on the field and then roll that many d6's. any 1s are ankhegs instead of dire lions. Place the ankhegs on the map burrowed 10 feet under in likely traveled areas. They ready actions to charge when someone enters teh square above it.

Dire Lion stats
Ankheg stats
The dire lions attack anyone unarmored first followed by those in leather armor and lastly those in metal. They prefer to cull the weak so they have superior number before attacking the tougher enemies. The ankhegs charge when stepped on and attempts to grapple with improved grab, retreating with it's prey if attacked. if it fails to grab it's prey or is getting ganged up on it will spit acid and burrow back under.

Each dire lion is worth 1600 gp, but 900 gp is subtracted for each ankheg killed. Neither one has any treasure on it's own so the only reward is from neoathens


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