Pretty Girl Squad

Summary: We the pretty girl squad strive to look or best and kick ass on the battlefield.

Cities, Base City: Their HQ is currently being remodeled.

Entry Requirements:
- Character level of 10, must beat a team (3 members) of the squad in arena battle
- no negative Cha Modifier
- female.

Benefits: Discounts on Cha boosting gears from the organization store. Free food and lodging at any of the branches of the organization, fan club in major towns.

Combat: bi-monthly tourneys, that clans are allowed to participate in.

Advancement: Your rank in the squad goes up or down depending on how well you do in the tourneys. New members have to defeat a group of the pretty girl squad (3 members in a team), to be accepted into it.

Missions: (what missions does the guild carry out)

Responsibilities: required to take part in the tourneys.

Structure: Roukakuji Riru is the leader, and everyone is under her.

NPC Reaction: They are all pretty, and they all fight well. We go to the tourneys as spectators and to root for our favorites.

Lore: DC 5: all the members are pretty
DC: 10 They have tourneys that are open to the public.
DC: 15 The members change often because they have to fight each other and only a select few are allowed to join.

Encounters: Active searching for Pretty Girl Squad fans turns up results in most major cities. Some smaller towns may be fans of a specific members.

Other Game Elements: NeoAthen's fighting arena is where they are holding their arena battles.

Notable people:
Grimoire Researchers, Lucine Rime and Venessa Torch
Pasanj her not her snake

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