Full Name: Pyke

Class and Level: Roof Runner/Scout 1

Race: Ratfolk

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity: Hei Feng

Size: Small

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Height: 3' 6"

Weight: 76 lbs.

General Appearance: Pyke is small in stature with unkempt brown fur covering his body. Although he looks frail and seems to lack strengh, he makes up in with speed and stealth. His tail is gray and his blue eyes pierce through the gaze of those he speaks with. The claws on his hands and feat show slight wear, showing miles he has traveled and years he has endured. He wears a thickly-woven, gray tunic overtop simple, worn slacks that are tied with leather straps at his ankles. When prepared for scouting and potential combat, overtop his main tunic, he wears an additional brown shirt with tied sleeves under a leather cuirass. Around his shoulders, he wears a tattered, hooded shawl. His bow and quiver and strapped over his right shoulder, a shortsword on his left hip, a kukri at his front, and a dagger his backside.

Personal Goal/Motive: To make a new life for himself, no matter how questionable the means in which he does it.

Combat style: To stick to the shadow, maintain distance, find a weakness, and strike with brutal accuracy.

Back Story:

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