Rank B Quests

It's getting pretty tough now, but let's keep going.

Season’s Greetings
(Spring and Winter)
Rank: B (EL 11)
We are looking for volunteers to walk with us as a caroling group during springtime and wintertime in Herti. We will be visiting many military bases to boost troop moral. We strongly suggest that carolers have fighting experience, as the troops may not like our songs.
-Herti Elementary School Choir
Reward: 6894.6 TV

Training Wanted
Rank: B (EL 12)
Herti’s 4th Division Infantry is looking for a formidable opponent to test their strength. All adventurers welcome to participate.
-4th Division Infantry Commander of Herti, Lloyd Watkins
Reward: 20000 gp

Pretty Girl Squad
Rank: B (EN 13)
The Bi-monthly Pretty Girl Squad tourney will be held in NeoAthen's Arena. All clans are welcome to participate in the tourney to go head-to-head with the members. Also if you are interested in joining the Pretty Girl Squad stay after hours.
- Leader of the Pretty Girl Squad, Roukakuji Riru
Reward: 10,000 gp

Under The Big Top
Rank: B (EN 15)
The Fantasim Circus is back and traveling through a region near you. They are under the cover of entertainment, but lately the Black Market is on the rise and monster trades have begun to increase. The only information that we have is that the Circus will be arriving soon. Contact the Neoathens Defense Department for more details.
- Neoathens Defense Department
Reward: 22000 TV

Watery Grave
Rank: B (EN 15)
The Eastern Shores of Telhoma have been impossible to reach lately. The seas are playing tricks on League of Silvers’ ships; so far only three ships have been lost due to large waves and massive storms. We suspect that there is a caster with control over the seas in Telhoma that is the source of the problem. Please contact the League of Silvers for more information.
- League of Silvers
Reward: 22000 TV

Bounty Hunt - The Masked Savage
Rank: B (EN 15)
In the forest of Tehloma Island there exists an dangerously feral creature that has claimed numerous lives within and without the forest. The creature has been described as bipedal, hairy, muscular, approximately 6'8" tall, having a pair of large scars on its chest, and consistently wears a blue mask of unknown origin. This creature has been deemed a threat to public safety by the Department and must be apprehended or exterminated ASAP.
- Neoathens Defense Department
Reward: 22000 TV

Slaughter of the Nobles
Rank: B (EN 15)
There has been an unusually large amount of deaths targeting nobles. So far only 4 deaths have been reported and manors have been cleaned out of all valuable goods. To keep the peace we ask for any adventuring group to rise against the killer. Report to a Paladin named Cordall, he will be aiding you on your mission.
- Department of Homeland Security of NeoAthens
Reward: 22000 TV

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