Rank C Quests

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Harvesting Hand
(Fall and Summer)
Rank: C (EL 8)
Looking for harvesters to help gather seasonal crops. Take care to arm yourselves as well. Monsters have also have taken a liking to our harvest. We need three baskets full of fruit.
-NeoAthen’s Harvesters Guild
Reward: A bag of apples (Each apple cures 1d8 of damage x5) and 2000 sp for your troubles

Population Control
Rank: C (EL 9)
Recently the number of Dire Lions has been on the rise. We are seeking adventurers to bring down the population. Note that Ankhegs also live in this area. Please be careful not to slay them.
- Monster Control Agency of NeoAthens
Reward: 1600 per dire lion head, a 900 gp fine for each ankheg killed

To Quell The Tide
(At any time)
Rank: C (EN 10)
The Sovereign Dominion of the Viera Republic is requesting help quelling the tide of chaos beasts coming out of the vortex. All adventurers welcome.
-Rangers of The Sovereign Dominion of the Viera Republic
Reward: 7500 gp

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