Full Name: Rasul

Class and Level: Druid.

Race: Fish

Alignment: C. Neutral

Deity: Um. Lobster. Like, seriously.

Size: MED

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5'5

Weight: 100

General Appearance: If you do happen to run into him, you won't forget, that is if you live. Pale blue skin, fins in place of ears poking out through matted black hair. He has big black glossy eyes, adding to his alien appearance. His hands and feet are webbed. His clothes are tattered, obviously stolen from drowned sailors. He also wears a huge glass bauble filled with water on his back. He does not wear shoes. Ever.
When he's on land for long periods of times, he uses a spell to gain a more human appearance. He looks like a scrawny little kid.

Personal Goal/Motive: To obtain rare and unique stuff to try to bring back his clan.

Back Story: As a young child he was part of a clan of *fishman* druids. All was going well for him, learning about the ways of the ocean. It's kinda bland childhood for the most part. In his early teens he felt the need to try to make more of a difference for his clan. He was very gullible as a child, and was tricked by a group of pirates to lead them down to the clan's shrine, where the looted and killed and all the wonderful things that pirates do. Of the few that lived from the onslaught, he was ordered to go and find an artifact that protected the debts of the ocean. He now sinks all ships carrying rare arts, trying desperately to find the lost artifact, as well as feed his 'slight' kleptomania.

Combat style: The power of the oceans. On your ass.
And umm, land squid. Eventually.

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