Repeatable Quests

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Harvesting Hand
(Fall and Summer)
Rank: C (EL 8)
Looking for harvesters to help gather seasonal crops. Take care to arm yourselves as well. Monsters have also have taken a liking to our harvest. We need three baskets full of fruit from each area.
-NeoAthen’s Harvesters Guild
Reward: 3586.9 TV

Population Control
Rank: C (EL 9)
Recently the number of Dire Lions has been on the rise. We are seeking adventurers to bring down the population. Note that Ankhegs also live in this area. Please be careful not to slay them.
- Monster Control Agency of NeoAthens
Reward: 1600 per dire lion head, a 900 gp fine for each ankheg killed

To Quell The Tide
(At any time)
Rank: C (EN 9)
The Sovereign Dominion of the Viera Republic is requesting help quelling the tide of chaos beasts coming out of the vortex. Since the last attempt to set up a lasting defense against them they have have mutated beyond their normal form. All adventurers welcome to fight, medical care to be provided or those mutated by the beasts.
- Rangers of The Sovereign Dominion of the Viera Republic
Reward: 3500 gp and 10 credits

Pretty Girl Squad
Rank: B (EN 13)
The Bi-monthly Pretty Girl Squad tourney will be held in NeoAthen's Arena. All clans are welcome to participate in the tourney to go head-to-head with the members. Also if you are interested in joining the Pretty Girl Squad stay after hours.
- Leader of the Pretty Girl Squad, Roukakuji Riru
Reward: 10,000 gp

Season’s Greetings
(Spring and Winter)
Rank: B (EL 11)
We are looking for volunteers to walk with us as a caroling group during springtime and wintertime in Herti. We will be visiting many military bases to boost troop moral. We strongly suggest that carolers have fighting experience, as the troops may not like our songs.
- Herti Elementary School Choir
Reward: 6894.6 TV

Training Wanted
Rank: B (EL 12)
Herti’s 4th Division Infantry is looking for a formidable opponent to test their strength. All adventurers welcome to participate.
- 4th Division Infantry Commander of Herti Lloyd Watkins
Reward: 20,000 gp

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