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Summery: Small Farming town that has recently grown into a minor trading post and a way-stop for travelers. Know for the kindness of the local residents, an oasis in the war troubled Hume Balkins.

Country/Region: Hume Balkins

City Size: Hamlet

Population: 268

GP Limit: 100

Ready Cash: 1300

Alignment: Lawful Good

Racial Demographic: Intergrated
Humans: 99; Halflings: 53; Dwarfs: 48; Half Orc: 26; Other: 18; Half-Elves: 13; Elves: 8; Mongrel Folk: 3

Graphical Description: (what the surrounding area looks like terrain wise)

Architecture Description: Smaller study houses some of which that have basements. The town is built close together to minimize time outside during winter. It is surrounded by small farms.

Economy: The economy is built around a farming community that grew to become a small trading outpost that provides a decent standard of living to it's residents; Some of the residents are even better off, being able to send their kids to the newly built local wizards academy.

National Relations: Too small

Political System: Governed mainly by the capital to the north; however, The town has a mayor that works in conjunction with the sheriff. Everybody knows them and likes as they generally take citizens suggestions and questions to heart.

Laws: Laws are fairly standard with most coming in the forms of dictates from the capital.

Religion: Three temples reside in the city: The largest being devoted to Pelor as he provides the life giving sun needed to grow the produce during the warm season, the second largest temple is devoted to Aengrist, a god whose worshipers aim to make the frostfell a safer and more lawful place; This is why the town is partially know as a haven for refugees seeking to escape not only a harsh physical climate but a harsh social climate as well. Recently a sect devoted to Yollanda has built a church, due to the large amount of halflings that reside in the town.

Notable Organizations: (Link any groups that are based in this city)

Military: Guards: 2; Militia: 13

Leader (who the leader is, why they are the leader. link to leaders page)

Highest Militant Authority: Sheriff: Warrior lvl-6

Highest Level NPC of each Class:
Barbarian: 1 level-1;
Bard: 1 level-1;
Cleric: 1 level-4; 2 level-2; 4 level-1;
Druid: 1 level-4; 2 level-2; 4 level-1;
Fighter: 1 level-3; 2 level-1;
Paladin: 1 level-1;
Ranger: 1 level-10; 2 level-5; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Rogue: 1 level-2; 2 level-1;
Sorcerer: 1 level-1;
Wizard: 1 level-2; 2 level-1;
Adept: 1 level-3; 9 level-1;
Expert: 1 level-10; 2 level-5; 4 level-2;
Noble: 9 level-1;
Warrior: 1 level-6; 2 level-3; 1 level-1;
Commoner: 1 level-3; 195 level-1;

Notable People: (Link important people from this city here)

Doesn't have one, not big enough.

Fun Facts
A Harvest festival is held every year to not only be thankful for a bountiful harvest but to also prepare and give reverence to the coming winter.

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