Full Name: Rrootage

Class and Level: factotum 8/marshal 2/exemplar 10? currently character lvl 3


Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Most of them

Size: Medium

Age: About 2 weeks now…

Gender: Female

Height: 4" 11'

Weight: 105 lbs

General Appearance: Her cloak reveals little of herself except for occasionally some clublike clawed hands and a tall and narrow face smooth from the nose up. ears resemble two sets of elf ears joined together with some odd protrusions like cartilage coral on the edges.

Personal Goal/Motive: Rrootage seeks to learn more about this world she's been dumped into. now that she's gotten into civilization she's gotten a taste for good food and warm beds. And it seems if you know the right people you can get them for both cheap. Recently met a bard and has become entranced by music. seems to be picking up smattering of magic lately too

Combat style: Sticks to the back and breaks some bones with her sonic blast, using her factotum abilities to power it up when needed. Her blindsense provides protection from sneaky enemies and uses her knowledge to help the party with stranger enemies.

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