Rule Extensions

Other Miscellaneous rule extensions:

Non-Lethal Coup de Grace:
When you attempt a coup de grace with a weapon that
deals nonlethal damage, you automatically hit and inflict a non-lethal
critical hit. Note that you cannot deliver a Non-Lethal coup de grace to a
creature that is immune to critical hits or Non-Lethal damage. Calculate the nonlethal
damage from the resulting Non-Lethal critical hit just as you would
normally. If the nonlethal damage isn’t sufficient to render the
subject unconscious (see page 153 in the PH), the subject
should make a Fortitude save (DC of d20 + the nonlethal
damage dealt). If the save fails, the subject is rendered
unconscious. The subject immediately suffers enough nonlethal
damage to make his current nonlethal damage total equal to his
current hit points +10. For example, you perform a nonlethal
coup de grace on a helpless gnoll that currently has 12 hit
points. You hit the gnoll and deal 10 points of nonlethal
damage, not enough to knock out the gnoll. The gnoll,
however, must make a DC 20 Fortitude save. If the gnoll fails
the save, its nonlethal damage total immediately rises to 22
(current hit points +10), and it falls unconscious. This is
roughly the equivalent of being killed when you fail your
saving throw against a lethal coup de grace, since death occurs
at –10 hit points.

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