Character creation rules, standing house rules, allowed races, and rule extensions.

Character Creation
whatever you prefer within reason, popular systems right now are kellies array (18,16,14,12,10,8) and 4d6 drop lowest (reroll the set of 6 as much as you like)

Banned Stuff:
*Leadership and similar feats only give the cohort unless the followers are key to your character and 100% generated and managed by you.
*Grappling builds are boring, annoying, and almost always cause us to have to look something up. avoid please.
*Please be reasonable in your builds or the DM will start pulling out their unreasonable builds.

Table Rules:
*Re-roll any dice that land askew or stopped short by an object (you hand doesn't count when rolling into it)
*Rolling on paper usually gives crappy rolls but you aren't allowed to re-roll
*Feel free to pre-roll your attacks for the turn and damage for them too.
*Roll to confirm crits, a failed confirmation is still a hit.

**Rule Extensions**

Dungeon Tiles:
The Creation Rules for the game.

Moogles - Ignore black and white mage feats
Vieras - remove the mist related class features
Bangaa - replace Trip(ex) with improved trip and they have a tail that can trip and deals 1d6 + 1/2 STR damage.
Nu Mou - rare but present in this world, no native homeland
Humes - as human in the PHB
Grey elves - are by far the most common elves but numerous sub races exist and usually keep to their own states in elven lands.
Race Jenny the race that the volunteer jennies are.
destrals cuter version of the destrachan, make great bards and spotters, +1 la
Na'vi See the natives in the movie Avatar (+1 LA)

New Classes and PrCs
Remade Ninja Base Class
Gypsy and Minstrel
Omaticayan Tarontan (Na'vi Hunter/Huntress)

House Feats are now up go here.

Key Exp. System:
for our games we use an adapted version of the Key system. it was originally created by Clinton R.Nixon


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