Shathurri Khazad

Full Name:
Shathurri Kazad

Class and Level:
Cleric 1


Chaotic Neutral





4' 11"

150 lbs.

General Appearance/Personality:
Shathurri is rather tall for a Dwarf. He has dark hair and a long braided beard that ends at his waist. Hanging from his waist above his armor is a long piece of cloth marked with the crest of his deity, Besmara. He wears a holy symbol of Besmara around his neck and wields a Dwarven Waraxe.

As would be expected for a Dwarf, Shathurri is very stern. Although very openly a cleric of Besmara, he could care less who others worship. He has little time for the opinions or quarrels of others but can be made to listen if good enough a case is made. The quarrels of others may not interest him, but he can become deeply obsessed with his own. Crossing him is easy, atoning for it is not. Having been inside the mountains for more than half of his life, Shathurri doesn't know much about the world.

Personal Goal/Motive:
To seek out new areas and adventures wherever life and the ocean may take him.

Back Story:
In 4649, a dwarf was born to a family of smiths in the fairly recently reopened sky citadel of Dongun Hold. This dwarf was christened Shathurri Khazad. Being a city of Dwarves, the society of Dongun Hold as a whole was not completely comfortable with the outside world since they closed themselves off. Shathurri's family in particular had not stepped outside the walls of the city in many generations, Shathurri having been the first born since the city was reopened.

Shathurri felt very closed in by the walls. He had the sky, but he knew that there must be more to the outside than that. He lived with this feeling growing inside of him until his 40th birthday. On that day, Shathurri was a man and allowed to make his own decisions for himself. Against his family's wishes, he elected to leave. On a whim, the first one he had ever known, he headed west.

After he climed out of the mountains, Shathurri was in a place more alien than any he'd ever known. In the distance was what he had told was a forrest. He made off for it crossing miles of plains. Finally, supplies growing slim, he reached the edge of the forrest.

Just on the edge, gethering water from the river nearby, Shathurri met another Dwarf. This dwarf was different from any he'd known. He explained that he was part of a group called The Taralu. This dwarf, unlike those of Dongun Hold, understood his need to break away from the mountains. He agreed to take him to his village.

For seven years, Shathurri lived in this Taralu village. At first he thought that this was what he'd always wanted, but after the first few years that closed in feeling was returning. The trees had replaced the rock of the mountains, there still was just not enough sky.

After speaking with his friends in the village about this, he decided it was time to continue westward. He joined a group of Taralu heading westward for trade. Ultimately this journey lead Shathurri to Nantambu, the westernmost city at the edge of the Mwangi Expanse. There, the leader of the group told him that if he went further west, he'd have more sky than he could ever want. He found a guide to take him to the region known as The Shackles.

On the edge of The Shackles, Shathurri was greeted by a familiar sight, mountains. After a long journey through them, he saw it. He had never seen the sun so close to the ground before. After taking it in he realized that it wasn't ground he was seeing in the distance, it was water. Water so blue that it looked like the sky simply continued instead of being overshadowed by trees or rock. He had made it.

Shathurri quickly settled into life in The Shackles. Finding that her domains fit everything he wanted, he became a cleric of Besmara. There he lived for 16 years, that feeling never returning. One day, he went for a walk down by the ocean after a few drinks at The Formidably Maid, a tavern he had become quite familiar with. He stopped at the shore to take in the sunset, but all that he recieved was a sharp pain in the back of his head. Then there was only darkness.

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