Shun Hou

Full Name: Shun Hou

Class and Level: Rake 1 (Rouge)

Race: Half-Human

Alignment: Unknown

Deity: Shun worships the goddess Desna

Size: Medium

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5 10

Weight: 150

General Appearance:
Shun has long black hair and pale skin. He usually wears his hair in some form of ponytail.
Shun facial features are very unusual do to the fact that he is half tian xian human and half golarion elf. he has softer features then the typical golorian elf but maintains the elven frailty.
He is thin and holds himself high and proud revealing his noble background. He is dressed in a large elven cloak that covers some of his traditional heirlooms that he carries with him at all times.
Being a half elf he does not age like a human or an elf does. he looks older then he mentally is.

Personal Goal/Motive:
After finding himself free of all political obligations, Shun wishes to explore the world he has been missing out on. One day he would like to return to his country of origin.

Back Story:
Shun Hou was born as the second son of the noble family of Xiufan Bai, a small country in Tianxia. Before he was old enough to join the the military a war broke out between Xiufan Bai and a neighboring country, WeiQiang. Shun went into hiding along with the rest of his family that was not fighting in the war. They struggled to find refuge among nearby countries due to them all being allied with the new up comming power WeiQiang.

Eventually Zhen and his mother managed to escape far away and crossed the border from TianXia to Golarion. His mother and him met some Elves who took pity on them and took them to the Elf village of Crying Leaf. Shun has since then been raised as an elf while learning the traditional fighting styles of Xiufan bai from his mother. The village has recently gotten word that the Xiufan Bai has been taken over and disbanded. Shun no longer feels any obligation and wishes to explore the world.

During his stay at Crying Leaf, Shun was introduced to an Elf woman named Shalelu. He has idolized her and her ability to be free since he was a young child and would love to join her on her journeys across the land. She has recently proposed that he might be able to go with her but she is worried about how he would be able to handle the world having been sheltered his whole life. She tasks him to travel to the Rusty Dragon tavern in Sandpoint. where she has freinds and wait for her their. He manages to do this and spends his time doing odd jobs there waiting for her to come to Sandpoint.

He enjoys spending time in sandpoint and making friends. He refers to himself as a half human because that is what he was called when he lived in the village of Crying Leaf among the elves.

Combat style:
Shun does not prefer combat and instead wishes to solve all problems diplomatically like the leader he was raised to be. However when situations cannot be solved civilly he resorts to fighting. He uses a rope and dart and uses the power of distraction to deal extra damage and cripple the opponent.

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