Skyshard Tower

Skyshard Tower: Final
(Instance Dungeon)
Rank: S
The Skyshard’s seals have weaken. At last it is time to complete our research. We request the Clan that has completed these quests to accompany us as we take our first steps into the unexplored tower.
-Grimoire Reseachers, Astra, Rime, and Torch
Reward: TBA

Npc or Lead:
Grimoire Researchers

Still pending, but hopefully something along the lines of each floor someone else DMs.

differs per floor.

Out of a book monster:

treasure and EXP
treasure generator
Be sure to give treasure (coins, items, goods) appropriate to the monsters you fight, occasionally this will be none :(

links to a pretty picture of the map all gridded out will earn you some cookies from milly but a description with dimensions will do until then.

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