Star Shrine

Skyshard Tower: Star Shrine
(Instance Dungeon)
Rank: A
There is a shrine in the Viera Lands that dates back to the first recordings in magical Grimoires. The lore of the shrine is quite obscure, the only person who may know of its story is the leader of the Viera. If you cannot past their test then they will not allow you to go to the shrine.
-Grimoire Researcher, Astra
Reward: Star Shard

NPC or Lead
Grimoire Researchers, Elrond Astra

5 Viera shrine guardians which include, 2 NPC level 13 Rangers (Bow-type), 1 NPC level 14 Druid, 1 NPC level 14 Cleric, 1 NPC level 15 Fighter. Archers start in the trees near the party's entrance way. Paladin and animal companions stay at the front steps of the shrine. Cleric and Druid are set up 10 feet away from the shrine.

Archers stay above in the trees raining arrows down, if chased out of the trees they with flank snipe a single target. Paladin with animal companions of the Druid and Rangers' charge the party targeting the biggest threat. Druid blasts at the heavy armored enemies to soften them for the Melee team. Cleric keeps the Paladin and Druid buffed and healed.

Out of book:
NPC Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, Druid (DMG 115~122) | Vieras
Treasure and exp


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