Sun Shrine

Skyshard Tower: Sun Shrine
(Instance Dungeon)
Rank: A
The League of Silvers’ territory houses a shrine within its borders. The shrine cannot be approached due to an entire squad dedicated to defending the shrine. Just walk up to them and blow them up or something, just get to the Sun Shrine and activate it.
-Grimoire Researcher, Torch
Reward: TBA

NPC or Lead
Grimoire Researchers, Venessa Torch

1 Marshall, 1 Warmage, 10 Paladins, 2 Clerics in total. At first you only see 3 Paladins and the Warmage. Combat starts immedatly as Torch immedatly casts a spell. As you kill Paladins more spawn from 4 different entry points in the map. If the Warmage dies then either the Marshall or Clerics spawn next.

For every Paladin death, another spawns until 10 have been killed. Warmage starts with large scale explosive spells then picks off those who are close to death. Marshall has a STR minor aura up for the paladins, and melee up Major Aura, most likely a ranged weapon to command the troops. Clerics Heal and AC buff paladins, controlled withdrawl when entering into melee combat.

out of book monster
NPC Paladin, Cleric (DMG, 115~122)
Warmage (Miniatures Handbook, 11)
Marshall (Miniatures Handbook, 14)

treasure and EXP


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