Sword And Board

Summary: World wide guild focusing on fighting. Melee weapon wielders are common, while hybrid melee and magic users are fewer in number, but more common in more magic oriented cities. Each town's Sword and Board guild differ in their fighting techniques and some are even the city's militia. There is some racial tension between some of the guild's cities, but it's healthy and makes for great tourneys.

Cities, Base City: Usually the Main or Second-largest city of a country.

Entry Requirements: Feats: 2 Fighter Feats, BAB +1

Benefits: Reduced cost on masterwork weapons/armors, free training.

Combat: (does the group go out on missions? how is this carried out? does it need to defend itself and how it does that?)

Advancement: Hunt down and bring a Orc head back.

Missions: Sponsers Tourneys.

Responsibilities: Higher level members are encouraged to take on mercenary work and exibition matches.

Structure: Leaders vary from city to city.

NPC Reaction: Good place to teach new adventurers about fighting.

Lore: DC 5: there's a guild house in every town.

Encounters: (info and stats about anyone or anything you would meet regarding this guild)

Other Game Elements: ( items, locations, feats, spells that have relation to the guild)

Notable people: ( Links to Important people in the Guild)

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