Taldur Churtleg

Full Name: Taldur Churtleg

Class and Level: Crusader 1

Race: Dwarf

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Gorum

Size: Medium

Age: 62

Gender: Male

Height: 4' 4"

Weight: 185 lbs

General Appearance: Taldur is of stocky, muscular build. His unkempt hair is of a deep ginger and his unbraided beard falls to his chest. He bares a heavy steel shield on his back as well as a dagger in his belt and a warhammer at his hip. Overtop his tattered brown surcoat and crimson robes, he wears his armor.

Personal Goal/Motive: Seeking a life outside of Janderhoff, Taldur descended the Mindspin Mountains with the will to seek knowledge and embrace the vastness the land below the skies.

Back Story:
Taldur Churtleg was born in Janderhoff of the snow-capped Mindspin Mountains. As a child, his father, Erdnot, only sought the life of a smith for Taldur. However, Taldur found enjoyment in reading and would spend his fine honing his own thoughts instead of steel. The lore of his people became ingrained in him, but through learning about the clashes with orcs and goblin the Dwarves have had for centuries, the idea of a world outside of the Citadel were what truly fascinated him.

He had first learned of a world outside of Janderhoff after overhearing traveling merchants that had return from the lands below. The merchant had tossed aside a roll of several sheets of parchment which a young Taldur took for himself. They were the Gorumskagat, the seven holy poems of Gorum.

He studied the Gorumskagat in secret, hoping that his friends and family would not suspect him for turning from Torag. Though diligence and Gorum's power, Taldur tapped into his own. When revealed to his father, Erdnot became frightened of his son's gift and his new god, but together they hid his secret from the rest of the Dwarves in Janderhoff.

Decades had passed and Taldur's power grew, but his father would soon pass on to meet his god. The death of his father tore at him, losing the only true tie he had left to Janderhoff. Weeks of grief racked his mind and body, but even hollowness the loss of his father left in him, a fire awoke in its place. He gathered what few belongings he could and took up his father's armor, shield, and warhammer. Under the cover of darkness, Taldur made his slow, cold descent from the Citadel and ventured on to the world below.

Taldur reached the bottom of the mountains only to be met by a small band of goblins. Even with the knowledge of his foe, his lack of combat skills gave his attackers the advantage. He fought with all he had, but he quickly overwhelmed. Laying on his back, he clung to his last breaths of life until he heard the sound of steel and the shrieks of his enemies. Everything grew silent and Taldur began to close his eyes and embrace his fate, but a warmth seemed to blanket his wounds. He opened his eyes to meet the gaze of an elderly woman. She told him to be still as she healed his wounds. Above him, the mountains he called home eclipsed the glowing moon. With a weak smile, he basked in its light and with the sting of his wounds, he obeyed the words for his savior.

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