Full Name:

Class and Level:
Current (2) - Barbarian(wild rager) 1 / Oracle (duel cursed) 1
Projected (16)- Barbarian(wild rager) 5 / Oracle (duel cursed) 1 / Rage Prophet 10

Teifling with the Fiendish heritage alternative, demonborn

Chaotic Good





6 feet 3 inches


General Appearance:
Tanri its a towering, well built teifling with deep tan skin and shoanti tattoos running across his body. His hair is a dark red is wild but held back with a headdress with the symbols of Pharasma on it. He also posseses many of the strange afflictions of his race. He has large rams horn and solid black eyes and needle like teeth. His hands seem a little larger then a normal human and have an almost claw like appearance while his legs are those of a goat. He even has a goat tail.
Through all this Tanri has a very kind expression on his face that almost seems out of place with the rest of his fearsom apearance. He is always trying to appear smaller and more agreeable to what is considered an acceptable appearance but it tends to give him an awkward bull-in-china-shop feel. Due to mistrust and aggression over the years of his life he has a permanent injury on his right leg that causes him to have a slight limp when he walks.
He usually hides the majority of his appearance is the holy robes of Pharasma which unfortunately for him do not help him be any less unsettling. To make everything worse for him whenever he walks the wind is a little stronger and things begin to move that shouldn't be moving. He always chalks this up to his mentor but no one else seems to be able to see him.

Personal Goal/Motive:
His personal goal is to overcome the chaotic rage he has inherited from his demon ancestors. He is on a journey of self actualization hoping to gain the ability to stop succumbing to his temper completly or find a way to control himself and remember who his is when he does fly into a rage.

Back Story:
Tanri's birth was seen as an omen of misfortune for the Shoanti tribe he was born to. He spent many of the early years of his life living on the fringe of his society no better then a slave. He was unable to control his anger and would attack his fellow tribesmen without any recollection of the event. One of the only people who would give him the time of day was one of the older children named Tekrem who spend time with him out of pity.
Life was anything but easy for Tekrem who had been cursed since birth with poor eyesight and other ailments. These caused him to not fit in well with a traditional barbarian tribe that prized physical ability. He eventually died from illness before he was able to take over as the next oracle.
When it came to be his time to meet with Pharasma and has his life judged, he begged Pharasma for him to be able to go back and help his tribe as a proxy through his Friend, Tanri. He knew that Tanri was a good person and just needed guidance through life. He had always felt that Tanri would have been more suited to the position of oracle for his tribe anyway since he had always fit what the tribe had been looking for in a guide. He simply needed to be given the opportunity to be viewed as more then a monster.
Pharasma agreed to give Tanri a chance by having her Oracle Tekrem watch over him in spirit. Tanri awakened with the powers of an oracle much to his tribes surprise. Tekrem was able to speak through him to convince a hesitant tribe that this was the bidding of Pharasma and that Tanri was to be the future oracle of the tribe. The tribe finally accepted this but feared that Tanri would be unable to do his duties as an Oracle as long as his demon heritage had a hold on him.
The tribe was proven right when one day Tanri killed some of his fellow tribesmen in a rage. The tribe agreed that while they would still uphold Pharasma’s wishes and allow Tanri to be their oracle, he needed to learn how to control his anger before they could trust him. Tanri was told to go on a journey of self reflection and to come back when he was able to control his anger. Tanri agreed and has been wandering in the wilderness, with Terkram as his guide, to find a way to overcome his ancestral ties with demons.
He has recently become friends with a man from Sandpoint named Sandru who is kind to him even tho he is a Tiefling. He has been working for him as a part of his caravan as a healer and extra hand. He enjoys spending his time around Sandru and hopes to find some answers to his problems while traveling around with him.

Tandri was told by his tribe not to come back until he can control his anger problems. With the help of his spirit guide, hes working on that.

Combat style:
Tandri prefers not to fight but when there is no other choice he uses his strength to bring down those who would try to hurt him or his Friends. If the thrill of battle proves to much for him he will use his anger hurt his foes even more. He avoids trying to deal the final blow on his enemies because he knows its a trigger for his demon side to take over and he dosn’t want to kill people.
If given the opportunity he will use his oracle powers to heal and help others bring victory to the battle. Tekrem also helps him in battle anyway he can by giving Tanri the protections and blessings of Pharasma and Somtimes even joining the fight.
His choice of weapon in combat is his ornate weapon given to those who are training to be oracles by his tribe. it is a large ornate formation of metal that is larger on one end and can be used as a hammer. Sometimes if he needs to, he will use the weapon of his mentor Tekrem which he carries with him. Its a large staff that is similar to a glaive.

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