Well out of scanning range of the LOS but close enough to interested buyers Telhoma is the center of the worlds black market. Obviously any law abiding nation would want to crush it but the tower built upon a rumored leyline has fended off any practical attempts at assault on it. This leyline has made it home to a number of oddball researchers shunned from more reputable circles who inhabit the tower built there. Despite the dangerous magic and even more dangerous residents Telhoma is one of the most Druid friendly cities using nearly 90% recycled good in the construction of it's buildings because of one of the few decrees on the island: "leave the forest untouched, it gives important cover from attack". Telhoma was only established 50 years ago during the hume wars and it's first monarchy still stands but a change of leadership looms near. Famous for having a bar on every street again by one of the few founding decrees.

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