To Quell The Tide

To Quell The Tide
Rank: C (EN 9)
The Sovereign Dominion of the Viera Republic is requesting help quelling the tide of chaos beasts coming out of the vortex. Since the last attempt to set up a lasting defense against them they have have mutated beyond their normal form. All adventurers welcome to fight, medical care to be provided or those mutated by the beasts.
-Rangers of The Sovereign Dominion of the Viera Republic
Reward: 3500 gp and 10 credits

The viera will dispatch groups of sufficient lvl to take on 2 beasts at a time, adding members as necessary or dispatching VS 3 if needed

Roll 1d4 per chaos beast. on a 4 it's a discorporating beast described below. There is no monster treasure, crunch exp before hand or during slow turns in combat.

Chaos Beast
discorporating beasts have an alternate effect. They bear thick, mace like lumps on the ends of their tentacles that seem to disappear in patches as they wave. The combat ready nature of these tentacles deals 2d6+2 damage with the same to hit roll. Because of their constantly shifting nature they get a plus +4 concealment bonus to AC. On a successful hit opponents must make a dc 15 will save or be effected with spontaneous discorporation, causing the victim to slip in and out of the material plane. Treat this as a 50% miss chance on any actions taken by them or to them by anything other than a discorporation beast. Discorperation beasts seem to be in tune with this ability and never have a chance of missing a creature effected by it's ability. in all other manners treat this the same as the regular chaos beasts ability for treating and suppressing it.

The beasts try to destroy as much of the area as they can until they are attacked. they immediately attack the closest creature to them and then move till the next until all enemies are hit by some ability. After that they begin sweeping up the victims. if one is close enough to death that it an be dispatched in one attack it'll finish it over the risk of it getting healed (9 dmg for a discorperation beast, 4 for a chaos beast).

treasure and EXP
3500gp per dispatch, players can choose to be immediately dispatched again after a fight and get an extra 4 credits from the saved teleport spell. Give an extra .5x exp for the 2nt encounter due to the lack of recovery time.

Usually use the forest out of the Dm's ass map but a actually nice map would be great. Maybe pull out the good 'ol swamp?

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