Training Wanted

Training Wanted
Rank: B (EL 12)
Herti’s 4th Division Infantry is looking for a formidable opponent to test their strength. All adventurers welcome to participate.
-4th Division Infantry Commander of Herti Lloyd Watkins
Reward: 20000 gp

Npc or Lead:
who you need to talk with to start the quest, anyone/anything important you'll encounter on the way, and most of all who's paying you.

What the DM should work out before hand to make the quest run smoother. Working out EXP before the fight will make everyone happy.

monster stats
NPC's involved in fights
Out of a book monster: Name (book, page)

describe combat tactics for monsters here, creatures with an int of 2 or less attack blindly, 2~4 understand teaming up and flanking and my use moves like trip or grapple, 5 and higher may hide or ambush enemies, use advanced moves like controlled withdrawal, and will retreat from superior foes. A monster will use it's natural abilities to their fullest extent irregardless of INT score (A digester will spray the most enemies it can, a darktentacles will full attack after it has entrapped someone with its spells).

treasure and EXP
treasure generator
Be sure to give treasure (coins, items, goods) appropriate to the monsters you fight, occasionally this will be none :(

links to a pretty picture of the map all gridded out will earn you some cookies from milly but a description with dimensions will do until then.

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