Vespasian Leroung

Full Name: Vespasian Leroung

Class and Level: Bard Archivist level 1

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Deity: Asmodeus

Size: Medium

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Weight: 196

General Appearance:Clean shaven and well dressed, Vespasian Leroung
is a tall, and thin, yet aproachable gentleman. He wears a warm, friendly
smile on his face that masks, to all but the most perceptive, a ruthless
and goal-driven personality. With dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin
Vespasian is thought to be quite hansome by many in town.

Personal Goal/Motive: Weave his own epic tale of piracy and glory.

Back Story: Deep in the heart of Cheliax, in the capital city
Egorian, the House of Leroung is known for its unmatched stores of
knowledge and its brilliant scholars. Born as the youngest son of many
children to one of the lesser nobles of the family, Vespasian Leroung
wasn't expected to amount to much.

The one person that paid him much attention was his tutor, Eleis, who he
cared about very much. She was tasked to teach all the things that,as a
Leroung Noble, Vespasian was expected to know. When his tutor was not
teaching him, she would tell him the tales of the notorious pirates of The Shackles on a far away coast. Vespasian was enamored by these stories of brutality, glory, and honor and dreamed he could one day become a pirate himself.

As Vespasian grew, it became apparent that there would be little
inheritance left for him after it was divided amongst his siblings. He
followed in his tutor's footsteps and became a teacher, sharing his
knowledge and along with it, stories of The Shackles he never forgot. He
slowly saved his money and learned a bit about sailing from his older
brother in the Leroung shipping company and hoped to one day see a pirate
in person.

Finally, at the modest age of 36, he had enough to pay for safe passage
out of Cheliax and an escort to a far region of The Shackles. With very
little savings, he arrived at The Shackles accompanied with a fear that
he wouldn't have the skills the people there would value. However,
Vespasian soon learned that many people of The Shackles loved the
thrilling tales of pirate exploits as much as he did. Vespasian found
himself making a decent living as a storyteller and part-time tutor for
more well-off families. For now, this was as close as he was going to get
to the pirate life. Vespasian, however, was just happy he had made it
this far.

On an evening that started out like many others, Vespasian was spending
free time after work in a tavern, The Formidably Maid. He was enjoying
the company of the townsfolk when he remembered a particularly good story
of a sailor that was drugged and press-ganged onto a ship that he hadn't
shared with the patrons of the tavern yet. Just as he was about to
begin,however, Vespasian began to feel faint and his vision slowly faded
into blackness.

Combat style: Vespasian prefers to use his knowledge of a creature against it and manipulate it. He lets others do the dirty work if it comes down to it.

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