Full Name: Vyers Moxy Früvous

Class and Level: wizard 5 / war weaver 5 (HoB 112) / abjurant champion 5 (CA 51) / paranostic apostale 2 (CC 94) currently lvl 7

Race: Grey Elf

Alignment: Lawful Good

Deity: Plotta, rather passionately for a wizard

Size: Medium

Age: 132 (late 20's in human years)

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 109 lbs

General Appearance: Loose wavy white-grey hair, bit shorter ears than an average grey elf

Personal Goal/Motive: He desires be able to return to his homeland after he has improved enough to be worthy of the woman he was arranged to be married before he exiled himself to the small but welcoming village of Rilldak

Back Story: Spoiler: Under the effect of a powerful geas to "only return when your worth my time", placed upon him after said fiancé challenged him to a duel in protest of the marriage

Combat style: Being somewhat of a pacifist if an enemy is intelegent he'll make an attempt to talk him them down, but if that proves to be futile he'll spend the first few rounds of combat giving the party valuable information on the foes strengths or weaknesses and applying a few useful buffs to the whole party though his war weaver training. After buffing he will either sit back and wait to counter spell with dispel magic or arcane turmoil if the foe is a spell caster or to fire away with his reserve spell or long bow to help get a bit more damage out each round.

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