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Class and Level:









General Appearance:

Personal Goal/Motive:
Have fun (espescially at the expense of others)

Back Story:
As a young boy, Welton the halfling had a pleasant life. His parents weren’t the most important people, but they were fantastic to him. He didn’t live in the most prosperous home, but his parents always seemed to have enough to get by. Truly it was all a Halfling could ever ask for.

The years went by, and as they did Welton started to grow suspicious of his parents. It seemed that they had more than their finances should allow for. Was there a side of them he didn’t know about?

At age 16 his suspicions were confirmed when the head paladin of the small town he lived in showed up at his doorstep with some bad news. Welton’s parents had been stealing money from other townsfolk. The two of them had been caught in the act, and killed while resisting arrest. Welton had become an orphan.

The leaders of the town tried to place him in an orphanage, but he preferred life in his own home. He quickly escaped the orphanage and went to live off of what had been left behind at his house. Welton’s life was now as bad as it had been good.

It wasn’t long before the resources left had run dry. Welton needed food. In an act of desperation he took a page out of his parent’s book decided to steal it.

It wasn’t much at first; a loaf of bread here, a cut of meat there. Welton took only what he felt he needed. But he soon realized that the life of thievery had supplied him with more than just survival, it gave him a thrill. The thievery was like an addiction, and he wanted more. Soon the petty thefts started to become more complicated and the items stolen increased in value. The young Halfling was becoming a master at stealth and deception. The aspect that developed the most was a gift Welton never knew he had, extreme cunning.

At the age of 24 Welton’s new lifestyle finally caught up with him. He was discovered sneaking around the head leader’s house by the very paladin that had caught his parents. During the attempt to arrest him, the paladin was slain by the young Halfling. Welton discovered something new about himself after that fateful event; there was something that gave him an even greater rush of adrenaline than thievery. That thing was murder.

Combat style:
sneak up, tap on shoulder, impale through chest…repeat if needed or if fun will be had

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