Yurthen Holly Stockings

Full Name: Yurthen(Rune of the Earth) Azvir(Rock Barrier)

Class and Level: lvl 6 (fighter 1/ wizard 4/ rune smith 1)

Race: Dwarf

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Deity: Thautam (dwarven god of rune magic)

Size: medium

Age: 40

Gender: male

Height: 3'11

Weight: 134

General Appearance: Yurthen is a skinny and slightly malnourished for a dwarf. he has Red hair and black eyes with a unhealthy pale skin, he covers his face with his red hair and high collared coat in attempts to hide the large scars he has o n his face because a fire accident. he wears a nice quality looking casters jacket with sturdy armor that looks like it was delicately crafted out of stone. he is shy and is almost trying to pass off as a female dwarf just so people will not comment on his lack of a beard.

Personal Goal/Motive:Yurthen's goal in live was to be accepted back into his dwarven clan. while he is fufilling his pilgrimage to restore his honor he strives to learn magic arts that will benefit his clan and help all things stone based. another goal of his is to get over his fear of fire.

Back Story: Yurthen was a prospective craftsman growing up in the well respected dwarven hall Naltek (honored Cradle). before he was an adult there was a large fire that broke out and he was caught in it giving him scarring on his face, torso and arms for the rest of his life. while he is not permanently deformed by this his beard is unable to grow in. this is a shameful thing for any dwarf to go through so his clan mercy exiled him so he could go and find something that would give him enough honor that it wouldn't matter if he could grow a beard or not. This also kept him away from any cruel mockery. he has a extreme fear of fire and most other elements as well as people because of the accident and from being exiled and left out on his own for so long. he has grown to only trust stone because he thinks its honest open and loving. (the solitude has driven him a little nuts)

Combat style:Yurthens fighting style involves using the runes he cast on rocks to buff his and his allies power while he slowly draws in on the enemy casting spells then eventually beating on the enemy with a hammer. he also sends his some what speedier familiar into battle first

Full Name: Holly stockings (And these prefixes when the modifiers apply: floppy flaming raging mecha ghostly)

Class and Level: (lvl 6 familiar)

Race: dire weasel

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Deity: Thautam (the dwarven god of rune magic)

Size: medium

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft

Weight: 120

General Appearance: holly stockings is rather large ferocious looking weasel. she has extremely large pointy teeth… she is often seen mauling furniture and rolling around playing in the dirt.

Back story: Floppy holly stockings is the most resent familiar for Yurthen and he adores her he wastes a lot of time to make her stronger. shes been helping Yurthen get over his fear of fire.

Combat style: holly stockings usually runs up and latches onto the enemy with her large teeth and doesn't let go. doing so she deals constitution damage to whoever she can keep her teeth into for long enough. usually she is aided with the spells Yuthen casts to make her stronger and more painful.

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